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Picture Painting Puzzle 1000!

2.72 usd

You won’t be able to stop if you’ve started!You better lose yourself in our “Picture painting puzzle 1000”!4 difficulty levels that will make happy all players from rookies to veterans.Our game “Picture painting puzzle “ also know as “Illustration logic”, “Picture painting logic”, “Picross” or pic-a-pix has simple rules and provides deep feeling of intellectual pleasure. That is why people all over the world play it so much.
[How to play]What you need is to paint cells according to mapping explained by the hints on the top and left sides of the game field.
You have to open at least one blank cell between two sets of painted cells in one row. For example if you have two hint numbers: 5,3, you will need to paint 5 cells in a row, then leave one unpainted cell and only then paint three in row set of cells.]:
Use hint map wisely, and mark cells with your pens properly according to the hints, so you will uncover hidden images.
Solution tactics:It’s easier to begin solving puzzles from rows where hints have biggest numbers. Cells with uncertain status can be marked with pin. If you have a good guess, but still not sure, try memo pen!
Useful functions:SaveMemos and notesVirtual padCross-keypadSound On/Off